Replacing Single Pane Windows With Energy Efficient Windows

Energy Efficient Window Replacement 

window replacement okcMany upgrades can be made to a home throughout the year, but not many can increase the value of your home and provide comfort like energy-efficient windows. Typically you have an option to either repair or replace your windows. Depending on the circumstances, both are an option. If you can afford to replace single-pane windows with double-pane, you can improve the energy efficiency of your home. 

Dual Pane Windows

The dual pane windows that can replace old single-pane windows have value beyond energy efficiency. The safety of your home and belongings are even more critical to the interior temperature, which is why having upgraded windows in your home is something to consider. States that experience frigid winters should highly consider these energy-efficient upgrades. Keeping heating bills down should be a priority for any homeowner. 

Window Replacement Options

There are many options when considering window replacement. Size, frame color, glass style, and quality of the window and frame are essential things to consider when replacing windows. You may also find that you want a window installed in a part of the home that doesn’t currently have a cutout, this is why you should contact a window installation contractor before making any heartfelt commitments on replacement windows. There may be some affordable options for you to consider before replacing your existing windows. Knowing what questions to ask, how much they cost, and how long the replacement process takes are all things you will need to know before proceeding. 

Storm Proof Window Systems

Plenty of coastal cities get hit with massive storms each year, hurricanes tear through the coastline and destroy homes and lives no matter how well they are built. Stormproof windows can be installed to help protect against hail and other smaller objects, but nothing will stop Mother Nature when she decides it’s time to storm through your neighborhood. A place like Oklahoma is notorious for tornadoes and hail storms that leave windows and rooftops damaged. Having dual-pane, storm proof windows can help protect against some of these elements. The heavy rains, winds, and hail in Oklahoma are enough to shatter single pane window systems. Finding quality window replacement options for your home before disaster strikes are highly suggested. 

Which Windows To Replace First

broken window from Oklahoma hail stormThis is a great question, and one only you can your window contractor can answer. Although we may not be there to see your home, we do have some recommendations for you. First, consider replacing any window that is in a room where your children stay. This is beneficial for temperature control, but also for safety reasons. Another thing to consider is replacing any window that is near a large tree or wooded area where debris could break loose from a tree and crash through a window. Single pane windows will shatter immediately, but a dual-pane window might withstand damage to the interior pane. 

Replacing One At A Time 

Remember, you don’t need to replace every window in the house right away, you can replace one window at a time if needed. Windows are not cheap, so consider the best brand of window replacement for you, and make the purchase when you are ready. Finding a window replacement/repair contractor to help you identify which window is right for you will save you time and money in the long run. Do your research, contact a professional, and then take your time with the upgrades if needed. If you can replace all the windows at one time, then congratulations, you are better off than I am.