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Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Who doesn’t like airy, fresh and homely feeling kitchens? Kitchens are the homeliest part of every house, and they need to give that vibe. A dull kitchen can affect your mood and your desire to want to cook. If entertaining guests is something you are interested in, then a remodeled kitchen should be a priority for you.

Granite Countertops

So, if you are bored with your kitchen and it doesn’t give you a fuzzy feeling, we have come up with different ideas to remodel your kitchen completely. From granite countertops to a pop of color or addition of some beautiful indoor plants, you can transform your kitchen into a lively, happy place for an affordable price.

  1. Granite Countertops: Granite countertops are all the rage in the interior design world these days. With more than twenty shades to choose from, granite allows you to give a beautiful look to your kitchen by adding this natural stone that is naturally colorful. If sealed properly, the wear and tear is minimal for many years, and granite is heat resistant, which makes it one of the most sought after countertop materials on the market.
  1. Add a Pop of Color: A splash of color added anywhere can drastically change the look and feel of your kitchen. You can paint the cabinets in some fresh, bright color or you can paint one of the walls in a bright color. Similarly, if you are leaning more towards black and white or neutrals, a little pop of color over the countertops with the help of colorful utensils in a display can change the look.
  1. Change The Flooring: A worn, dull floor can affect the overall vibe of your kitchen. If you want to remodel your kitchen, you should also think about changing the flooring to something exciting or adding a throw-rug somewhere.
  1. The Kitchen Island: Kitchen islands are not just useful for placing stuff on and storage, they also make an excellent centerpiece for your kitchen. So, if your kitchen does not have a kitchen island already, you can get one installed. If you have one, you can add some colorful utensils, an indoor plant, or any decorative items over it to give it a lovely outlook.
  1. Make it Airy and Wide: Congested, dark kitchens tone down the whole look of the place, no matter how good you try to decorate them. So, while remodeling your kitchen, you can add bigger windows to bring in more daylight and natural air. In smaller kitchens, you can also replace cabinets with open hanging shelves to make the kitchen look spacious and airy.
  1. Have a Good Sitting Area: To give your kitchen a homely feel, you can add a cozy corner by the window with some throw pillows and cushions for reading or enjoying a quiet cup of coffee. You can also make a little dining area in the kitchen to enjoy family time while cooking or eating.

There are many other remodeling ideas too to brighten up your kitchen like upgrading your appliances, installing a coffee machine, or chalkboards. However, if you follow the ideas mentioned above, you can completely change the look and feel of your kitchen for an affordable price.

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How To Search For An Apartment In College

Finding The Right Apartment Before School

renting apartments in college A good starting point to find an apartment fresh out of college or still in college would be to contact your school’s housing office. Most schools have them, and they are a great resource because they will help you connect with the nearby landlords who offer one-year leases.

You can also look for apartments online, but you might not get the best deal as you would through your school. Also, be aware of scams while using unofficial sites. There are tons of unofficial websites where you can find an apartment such as craigslist or Facebook. You can view the unit and ask questions before deciding to make sure that you feel good about applying to this apartment. If you are interested in an apartment, make sure you are ready to apply right away. Have your references available, and first and last months deposit in the bank and ready to pay. The sooner you apply, the better your chances are of landing the apartment.

Searching for an apartment can be very time consuming, and many don’t have free time in between long workdays to do so. You can set up alerts on your phone or computer to notify you when a new listing is posted.

Another option that may work for some is to work with a professional real estate agent. Although it costs money, you might find the perfect fit by doing this. They are trained and hired to help each person to find a living space that will make them comfortable.

Knowing the area somewhat well will help the resident feel more comfortable at any time of the day. Visiting the city during morning or night will give you an excellent idea of the vibe. Ideally, if it is close enough to campus, you will feel nice and safe. Knowing your neighbors is also a great thing to have after first moving in. Another thing to consider is, can you afford a luxury apartment, or will you be paying monthly dues to a slumlord?

Once you find an apartment you love and you are accepted, you will want to receive a lease and review I thoroughly. Knowing what you can and can’t do is very important while renting because you want to be on good terms with your landlord and respect them. Some rentals have a policy for if something breaks depending on the repair price, you have to fix it, or the landlord will take care of it. So many apartment leases vary on the landlord and cleanliness of the apartment, so it is imperative to pay attention to these things. It’s something to consider also if you move in and the apartment is remodeled with new countertops and flooring, there is a chance that the previous renter trashed the place. These are some small details that you should pay attention to.

It can be challenging finding an apartment that meets all of your standards, but if you are patient and prepared, you will land in the right spot. Also, if you have a realtor, they will ensure that you are in an excellent apartment. Even if it isn’t, the perfect fit, it is most likely only a 1-year lease, so you are not stuck there forever.

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Home Remodeling Tips With Granite Natural Stone

Creative Ways To Use Granite During Your Remodel

remodeling home with graniteGranite is used for so many different things in today’s modern world. This is also because there are so many types of granite, although some are identified as rocks like gneiss or granite, so people may not recognize these types right away.

Granite can be used for backsplash in houses, kitchens, or bathrooms. They can also be used for slab counters with large colorful, and durable pieces. In kitchens, typically, the countertops are made from custom-cut slabs. There has been a substantial increase in demand for granite, so, contractors get the extra equipment to install them.

Many buildings are built with granite blocks. Some sides can be smoothed out of left for a rough look. Blocks of granite that are used in a windowsill and roof lines are always smoothed on all sides. Rough cut blocks are cheaper, but it depends on what look you want to have, so smoothed blocked may be the way to go.

Granite comes in so many different colors like pink, red, brown, green, black, and white. They all still look like granite but have tints in these colors. Sometimes colored granite is used in bathrooms with a specific color scheme, for example.

Crushed granite is also another form of how granite is used. It’s the most common use of granite as a subbase and base. When looking at houses from the outside, sometimes you’ll find the brick. Crushed granite can also be mixed throughout that because crushed granite is also commonly used in road construction. You may not be able to notice granite sometimes, but usually, it is there.

In homes, there is usually extra slabs leftover from your new granite countertops that suppliers do not need. You can choose to pay a little bit extra and use these additional granite slabs from things like a cutting board or shelf.

Another way is if you have a cute table but want to add some life to it, just slap on a piece of granite that is the correct dimensions, and it will look brand new. If you love the table and want a small decoration, you can use crushed granite in a bowl as a cute decoration or use crushed granite at the bottom of a vase with some flowers. Granite can also be used in gardens as garden edging. It adds a considerable amount of beauty. More than wood or stone would. Granite has a nice contrast with your flowers and plants.

Cobblestone driveways have been around for a long time. They are gorgeous and nice looking but very expensive. Concrete is more popular now because of the price, and it’s long-lasting. Cobblestone can also be used for walkways or patios.
Kitchen remodels have been consisting of granite sinks, and it is super trendy. It is a stain, scratch, and heat resistant, which makes a granite sink very durable.
Lastly, granite can be seen on a custom granite fireplace. If a fireplace is outdated or dull, a couple of slabs of granite can be installed over the existing front pieces or mantel. Granite has many more purposes and uses than many know, but it is a gorgeous eye-catching type of stone.

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Construction Defect Expert Witness

defect expert witness

If you have had a recent remodel, or roof replacement, and have roofing defects you need to consult with a professional defect expert. So much goes into remodeling a home, and with so much happening under the surface you need to consult an expert defect witness for guidance when tragedy strikes.

In a world where technology is making things easier and helping industries to become more efficient, this hasn’t translated to some areas of construction. Sadly, the number of construction defect claims are still increasing as a result of defective materials, substances, parts, and more. As competition increases and companies are put under pressure to finish projects not only quickly but in a small budget, the consequences are potentially fatal. 

Construction Defect Claims 

Over the years, we’ve seen a number of construction defect claims whether it’s poor-quality materials, problematic parts, or even an ill-considered design. If we look at materials as an example, a company might choose a cheaper product in order to come in under budget. Even though they’re purchased in good faith, the quality is lacking, and this has the potential to cause injury or even death. 

For example, a low-quality concrete mix could cause air pockets that aren’t removed during the mixing process. If an air pocket survives and then pops later, a worker or resident can get hit with debris. With a poor design, the whole building may crumble. In truth, there are a number of areas where problems can arise. In some cases, it may even be a mistake from one of the workers.

Expert Witness

When any of the above situations arise, it may lead to a claim or even a court case, and this is where we find construction defect expert witnesses. With extensive experience in the field, they understand the building process and therefore, theoretically, what went wrong in a particular case. Depending on the individual, they may have had experience as a construction worker, a contractor, or even developing structures in a major city. 

  • Materials – If materials were the issue, recreating an incident may cause problems. 
  • Parts – If parts, it may be possible to identify defects by reviewing the building after an incident or with routine inspections. 

Normally, it’s best to work backwards from the incident itself to highlight when problems arose. For the expert witness, they have a role in recreating the scene of an accident in order to find a guilty party. If there’s somebody or a business that needs to be held accountable for injuries to a worker, an expert witness will help in this journey. 

Of course, a construction defect expert witness will also focus on finding a resolution. With the opinion of somebody who knows the industry and what accounts for good practice, it may be possible to explain the cause of the incident, the reason why it occurred, and what solution is best. If the worker was injured due to an error from the company or a material that shouldn’t have been used, it might be that the expert witness suggests compensation. 

Working with Lawyers and Other Professionals

Additionally, expert witnesses may also play a role in helping lawyers and other professionals when drafting reports. With their expertise, they can explain construction methods and defects properly. In some cases, the building company may have even bought materials with defects without even realizing. In this scenario, the supplier needs to take responsibility. Therefore, they generally help get to the bottom of cases and find out who is really to blame and why. 

If required, the construction defect expert witness may then present information and details to a jury or judge; of course, this will depend on the case itself!

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Window Replacement Ideas For Home Renovation

Replacing Windows – Home Renovation And Remodeling

window installationWhen it comes to home remodeling, there are big tasks and there are small tasks. While changing the table in the dining room might only alter the appearance of the home slightly, changing the color on the walls will make a big difference. Likewise, one of the best adjustments for those who want a new look is to replace the windows. There are things to consider before replacing the window like what type of siding is on your home. If you have brick then you will have different variables to consider than if you have wood or composite siding. 

Not only will replacing windows dramatically alter the appearance and make the home feel new again, it offers an opportunity to review security and keep the cold outside in the winter. With this in mind, it’s an important decision (let’s not forget that changing windows will also adjust how the home looks from the outside too!). Windows add natural lighting to any room and can really open up a space. Glass skylights are also an option when remodeling the home and upgrading windows. With that however comes the possibility of damage from the natural elements like hail and tree branches. Roof damage is common in many areas of the country, so plan accordingly when installing glass skylights. If you have satellite dishes or solar panels installed, you may have issues finding the right location for your skylight. Ok, back to the windows! Here’s some advice! 

Preparation Phase

Before making any decisions, you first need to think about what you and your home need. For those living in cold climates, you should consider insulation and keeping the heat inside the home with double glazing and other features. For those in warmer climates, most of your year will be spent trying to keep the house cool. Therefore, you might look at casement windows that open wider than most. 

If you want more natural light inside, you might lean towards taller windows and even those that stretch from floor to ceiling. If you don’t want to worry about maintenance, vinyl is the answer. Whereas, wooden frames that require scraping and painting every so often are available for anybody who doesn’t mind the maintenance. 

Ultimately, the choice in the market these days is huge. Rather than choosing a window and regretting it later, think about YOUR needs and find a window to match. Often the fears of remodeling prevent homeowners from making the tough decisions and they end up procrastinating. Here are some research tips to help you make the right decision when planning your remodeling project.


Research Phase 

With window frames, there tends to be four main materials these days; vinyl, wood, clad, and aluminum. 

  • Clad – Normally a wooden base before then coating with vinyl, aluminum, or fiberglass, clad windows don’t need painting and they generally perform well against rough weather. 


  • Wood – This is ideal for those who plan to use wood inside the home and who want a universal appearance. For example, you can choose matching windows, baseboards, molding, furniture, and more. Unfortunately, the downside comes with potential insects, warping, and the high cost. 


  • Vinyl – Requiring little maintenance, vinyl is perhaps the most popular material these days because it resists moisture, is durable, and works even in humid and coastal climates. 


  • Aluminum – Finally, many architects actually prefer aluminum because it offers thin frames and clean lines. What’s more, the windows are lightweight and generally remain free from mildew and rust. 


When remodeling, your research phase also needs to include things like fire codes. Did you know that you need to be able to escape through windows in basements and bedrooms? During this stage, you can think about Window contractors and having the windows installed correctly too. 

Important Considerations 

To finish this guide, we want to provide some tips and considerations when choosing windows as part of your home remodeling project. You can also search the web for current remodeling trends to help give you a better idea about what is trending and what is out of date. 

  • Firstly, always remember appearance on both the outside and inside. It’s great to have wooden frames to match the interior, but does it also look good on the outside?


  • If you need an insect screen, consider buying one that rolls up. This way, you can let in more natural light when the screen isn’t required. Otherwise, try a screen designed to let more light through than traditional screens. 


  • To reduce energy bills, consider more windows or larger windows. Although this will cost more in the short-term, you will save money in the future. Insulation and double-glazed windows will also allow you to save money on bills.


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Roof Repairs After Storm Damage

Dealing With Roofing Repairs After A Storm

damaged roofA partner of ours has some rental properties in Oklahoma and during tornado season they were blasted with a heavy dose of hail that damaged the roof. Depending on the state you live in, roof damage is common after a storm. Debris can fall from trees, old shingles can rip out of place, and the plywood can become damaged as a result of this.

Post-Storm cleanup brings in a lot of businesses looking to profit on roof repairs and replacement. Dealing with these guys can be a pain in the neck if you aren’t expecting the knock at your door. Basically what happens is roofing companies will send a sales team out into the field to find damaged roofs and offer a free roof replacement by navigating discussions with your insurance company. It’s legit for the most part but just becomes annoying when they all show up from out of state to make a quick buck.

Now that we got that covered, you know where I am going with this. Our partners’ rental property was blasted by hail and heavily damaged, some out of state roofers came by offering to repair the roof for the cost of the insurance claim. Again, this is legitimate but they were dealing with the renter, not the homeowner. The renters deferred them to the homeowner and proceeded to hassle him until he responded. He opted out of working with them and went with a roofing contractor in Oklahoma City that had a good reputation locally and was able to do it for less than claim.

The lessons here is to be cautious, always ask questions, and don’t take the first bid that gets presented to you. From roof repairs, siding repair,  to interior remodeling and solar upgrades, you need to get multiple quotes for your roof before agreeing to the terms of any contracts. Saving money while getting your roof repaired is an added bonus, pocketing some of the insurance money should be a priority for you when it’s time to repair the damaged roof.

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Smart Phone Door Locks For Your Home

Are Smart Locks Right For Your Home?

unlocking doors with smart phones

Home automation is becoming the norm as more home owners buy into the convenience of smart phone controlled appliances and accessories. Stoves, ovens, refrigerators, washing machines, surveillance, solar technology, and other household items can all be controlled from the convenience of your smart phone. Now, while we are fans of technology, there are some things that we questions when automating our homes. Considering that just about any network device that is connected to the internet can be hacked and taken over, should you consider keeping the door locks on your home manual and stay away from smart locks? If you’re dealing with a savvy criminal, accessing your door locks may be easier than ever with network vulnerability. We reached out to Okey Locksmith in Oklahoma City to get some feedback on these new digital door locks and this is what we came away with.

Digital locks are convenient and offer luxuries like remote assistance. This would allow you to unlock the front door for the kids if they lost their house key, even if you were in another state. This is done over a secure WiFi network and allows a user to unlock the door of a property with smart locks via a smartphone application. While this is extremely convenient and can prevent all sorts of problems, it also introduces other potential threats to your home security. While you still need to worry about traditional criminals picking locks, breaking windows, or sneaking through an unlocked garage door, you now need to worry about cyber-crooks remotely accessing your door locks and opening them. These faceless criminals are just as dangerous as the ones lurking around your neighborhood. One they have hacked into a door lock, the possibility that they can access other network devices becomes critical. Cameras and other monitoring devices can be used by criminals to monitor the home and spy on you.

Look, along came technology and made everything better and it also made things much worse. Door locks have long been an important element to home security, when you lost a key, you could call a locksmith and they would show up, unlock the door, and make you a new key if they had the equipment to do so. With digital door locks, the process of opening them when locked out becomes much more difficult. The mechanics are still the same, you still have a tumbler, teeth, and a mechanical mechanism that needs to be turned, but the electronic components just complicate the locking mechanism and can make it nearly impossible for a locksmith to open it up for you. Fortunately, most smart locks are attached to accounts that allow you to recover sensitive information needed to unlock the doors should you find yourself in a predicament.

Keeping your home and family safe from criminals is a number one priority for most families, and yet we are becoming ore vulnerable as technology gives us more access to the automation featured of our homes. If you are considering digital locks for your home, consider buying a higher end digital lock that has good product reviews and offers multiple layers of security when authenticating door-unlocking requests from IP addresses other than those on your safe list.

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Converting Old Homes Into rental Properties

Turning Old Homes Into Rental Properties

remodeling homes for rentalNot all Realestate deals are turn-key solutions where you can buy and flip within the same month. Some properties require a lot of attention before they can be rented or occupied. There is money to be made in buying rundown homes, fixing them up, and wither flipping them or turning them into rental properties. With that in mind, some new to the process may want to know how that’s done exactly and here are a few basic steps to get you going in the right direction with real estate investments and property rentals.

First, make sure you have the capital to afford the property if you are paying cash, or the credit to acquire a loan that will get you into the property. Getting financed for a rundown property can be difficult if the lender wants to play hard-ball. Aside from the purchase, you will need cash to fix the property up. If you are a hands-on property owner, then you may be doing the labor yourself, if not, you will need to hire someone that can come in and fix the place up. Consider labor, supplies, and dumpster hauling as potential expenses. Again, these are basic steps, those costs can get far greater depending on the condition of the home.

Once the interior is cleaned up and the home is ready to be occupied, you should give some attention to the exterior of the home. Curb appeal will do wonders when trying to get the property rented out. Hire a landscaper to clean up the yard, refresh the paint if necessary, and trim any overgrown trees and shrubs. This will increase the appeal of the home, increase property value, and make your neighbors happy.

Now, let’s assume you the interior and exterior of the home is ready for occupancy, what now? There are various websites not eh internet that will allow you to list your home for rent for a small fee. Another option is to find a local realtor that specializes in this. We would suggest finding an experienced realtor that you can team up with for the long haul. This individual should be able to help you find rental properties to purchase, rent, and sell. This will make the buying, selling, and rental process much easier for you. Depending on the fees involved, the agent may also screen the renters for you, making sure they have a good rental history, credit score, and will respect and maintain your property fr the duration of their occupancy.

If you are a hands-on property owner and you don’t mind being Mr. fix it every time something goes out, then you can manage the properties yourself. However, if you don’t have time to fix a leak, replace a water heater, or update an outdated appliance, hiring a property management company to facilitate that for you is highly recommended. There are property management companies all over the country that specialize in managing commercial and residential properties for homeowners ad business owners looking to remove themselves from the tedious tasks involved with the management process.

Let’s summarize this for easy reading.

1. Get qualified for a loan before you begin searching for a property.

2. Find an experienced realtor to help buy, sell, and rent the property.

3. Find a general contractor for any necessary renovations prior to rental.

4. Find a landscaping company to improve the curb appeal of the property.

5. Hire a property management company to manage the home and the tenants.

Real estate investments are very lucrative, having all your needs in order before diving into this will make your life so much easier. Another suggestion is to find online resources to help you figure this out. Try searching for advice in your local area for the purchase and sale of real estate. There may be a real estate guru in your local area that has the experience to help you make this an investment opportunity that will be lucrative for years to come.

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Remodeling Trends For The Kitchen And Bathroom

If you’re looking to update your home, there are some wonderful trends sweeping the nation right now. Whether you want to focus on the kitchen or the bathroom, we’ve compiled some of the more popular ideas below!

Bathroom Remodeling Tips:

remodeled bathroom

• One Material (Bathroom)

For those old enough to have lived through the 1980s, this is a trend you’ll probably recognize. From floor to ceiling, the idea is that you use just one material for everything. While the most popular option is tile, there could also be a potential for custom concrete, plaster, fabricated natural stone, and other materials.

Offering simplicity and uniformity, this change can have quite the impact.

• Statement Mirrors (Bathroom)

Of course, there’s nothing new about having mirrors in the bathroom. However, standard mirrors are no longer enough. In 2019 and beyond, it seems we can bring out a playful and rule-breaking side with a fancy mirror. While the rest of the room conforms to the straight-line design, a wacky mirror of an unusual shape can add a new lease of life.

For those on a small budget, this is a fantastic trend because it won’t break the bank.

• Freestanding Tubs (Bathroom)

As the world focuses more on self-care and designing a home that suits their needs, it seems there’s a movement back towards the classic freestanding tub. Is this because walk-in showers have dominated in recent years? Perhaps homeowners are craving a good soak at the end of a long, hard week? Whatever the reason, this is quickly becoming a favorite for bathroom remodeling projects.

Kitchen Remodeling Tips:

kitchen remodeling ideas• Smart Technology (Kitchen)

Technology has taken over the world, and our kitchens haven’t escaped this change. These days, more and more people are investing in smart technology for the kitchen and it’s something you’ll see everywhere while looking online and in stores.

When remodeling, you’ll have an opportunity to integrate smart technology with everything from your lighting to the faucets and the fridge. For example, with the faucets, you can add a motion sensor where they switch on automatically as soon as you put your hands nearby. Meanwhile, there are gadgets that start making coffee before you wake up, help with monitoring eggs, and more.

For those of you that like ice cream, consider following the lead of the Cold Stone Creamery franchise in Arizona. They have taken the craft of ice cream making to the next level with frozen granite slabs that they build their frozen concoctions upon. Quora has a great article about a DIY version of building a frozen granite surface. Using smart technology to help you cool the insulated granite slab will be necessary if you want the results that Cold Stone gets. One of the firs things you will need to do is purchase a slab of granite, after that you can hire a granite fabricator to measure your space and make the cuts. Once the cuts have been made, you are ready for installation. This may also require the help of a professional.

• Dark Cabinetry (Kitchen)

For many years, white has been the standard for kitchens. In fact, there were times that we thought this would never change. However, we’re on the cusp of a new trend and we encourage you to join. Slowly, more and more designers and manufacturers are providing sleek black cabinetry for kitchens.

What we love about this trend is that it really brings character into the kitchen; rather than looking the same as every other kitchen in the country, you can go with a black theme and sprinkle pops of color about the room. With an accent piece or a marble island, it provides a focal point and also brings the black cabinets to life.

• Efficient Storage (Kitchen)

As our final trend, we have a resolution to the many storage problems that homeowners have in the kitchen. If you find yourself cramming food or pots and pans into cupboards, this is for you because it looks to utilize the space in your kitchen more effectively. With caddies for pans, drawer dividers, pull-outs, roll-out trays, and other clever designs, you make use of the available space and aren’t left having to store certain objects in other rooms (we’ve all been there!).

There are six of our favorite bathroom and kitchen remodeling trends; will you be following any this year?

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5 Pests That Can Destroy Your Home

5 Destructive Pests That Can Destroy Your Home

When remodeling your home you may find some unpleasant pests resting in your walls, attic, floors, or crawl spaces. It is not uncommon for homeowners to live years in their home and never notice that they are lying among nests of insects, rodents, or wild animals. Older homes that aren’t sealed properly will become vulnerable to intruders looking to shelter themselves from the outside elements during summer and winter months. Many of these pests will take up permanent residence if their invasion goes unnoticed. It’s really the last thing you want to come across when you’re tearing down a wall for a remodel as if you need another setback or expense right? Here are our Top 5 nastiest intruders that you can come across in your home. This list is mostly based on the damage they can cause.


termite control

This is the worst pest problem of all! While rodents can be gross, and annoying, they don’t destroy the structure of your home. The problem with termites is also the fact that they go completely unnoticed behind the walls of your home as they eat through the wood foundation of your home. At least you can hear mice in the walls, raccoons in the attic, and can see roaches crawling on the floors. Termites are next to impossible to notice unless they leave an obvious sign in the trees surrounding the property, the wood trim, or any other part of the structure that is wood. There are some preventative measures you can take before your remodel begins to see if you have termites. This will allow you to get it treated before you begin demolition. Find out if you have termites and create an action plan for termite treatment immediately.


opossum removal

Opossums are like giant rats. I lived in Washington State for most of my childhood and they were always climbing the fence line, eating the dog food, or dead in the road. I probably saw as many possums in my childhood as I did squirrels. If you have never seen one up close, then you don’t know how ugly and stinky they are. They reek! They have long rat tails that they use to climb around with and they smell like dirty wet socks. While these rodents may not damage your home like a termite, you definitely don’t want them nesting in your attic. Possum-like to get into the attics of homes and nest up in the insulation. They eat almost anything, pet food, garbage, and human scraps. They take dumps big enough to smell and urinate like a cat. Having something like this roaming loose in your attic is a recipe for disaster. In my opinion, the possum is only second to the skunk on the stink-o-meter. Check your local government websites about catch and release options for rodents in your state to determine if you should catch or kill


raccoons infesting home attic

Coons can be nasty little bandits when they take up residence on your land. Any momma with her young near won’t hesitate to give your dog or cat a tune-up. They shamelessly dig and rummage for food in trash bins, bird feeders, and pet bowls. If there are food sources near your home and then there is an easy entry to your attic area, you can almost guarantee that these rodents will invade the space and make shelter there. Raccoons may be more aggressive in winter months as they seek shelter, if there is even the slightest opening, a pregnant momma will know and tear her way in to find a place to birth her young. Coons nesting in the attic can be dangerous to the homeowner or anyone trying to access the area, they can tear up your insulation, chew through electrical wiring, storage boxes, and contaminate the area with urine and fecal matter.


bee colony nested in home

Most homes that get infested with bee colonies at least show signs of the problem. Homeowners will hear the buzzing of bees in the wall, they will see them on occasion indoors and outdoors, and eventually, you will see where they are entering the home as they come and go. Bees don’t cause the same kind of damage as termites do, but they can be destructive, and if you are allergic to bee stings then they can be dangerous. There have been bee infestations of the thousands that have nested in the ceiling of a home and created massive nests and honeycomb. The last thing you want to do during your remodeling efforts is take a sledgehammer to a wall that has a hive of 2k bees nesting behind it. If you are mid-remodel and find you have bees then by all means hire a bee exterminator. It’s always possible to relocate the hive if you would rather, I’m sure costs increase the more you handle the colony.


mud nests

Birds can be a nasty mess, anyone with a large tree in the front of their home knows the kind of mess birds can make on your home and property. If you have a large tree in your yard, or maybe ample patio covering, you may have noticed birds nesting in and around your home. Birds will also burrow into attics and other small openings they can squeeze into. Bird droppings are a disaster, they carry disease, and are very messy. The mess they make is equally as annoying as the non-stop chirping that happens, especially when there are nests with baby birds. There are many ways to keep birds away from your rooftop, finding creative ways to keep them away before they have a chance to nest is encouraged. 

How to Choose the Perfect Size Mirrors for Your Bathroom

As a homeowner, we often tend to overlook the size of the bathroom mirror in spite of it having a significant impact on the space. It does not matter whether you’d like to go for one single large mirror or a couple of smaller mirrors, there are lots of factors to take into consideration while selecting the appropriate mirror size for the toilet. In the following paragraphs, we will mention some important guidelines on how to choose the perfect size mirror in OKC.

The vanity must be matched for length

Measuring the vanity’s length is going to be the initial step while figuring out the design of your new mirror. Generally speaking, the mirror’s length is going to match that of the vanity. At times, you might make the decision of using a shorter mirror which is centrally positioned on the sink. You will rarely like to have the mirror become longer as compared to the vanity given that it is going to provide an uncomfortable and bulky appearance to your space.

Figure out the height

A standard for the height of the mirror depends on the lighting style on top of the vanity and whether you’d like the mirror to get right up to the fixture or leave some wall space to be visible in between the light and the mirror. In case it is possible, take a peek at the toilets of your friends to get some idea regarding what type of styles do impress you which you’d like to apply to your own residence prior to deciding on your own.

Adjust for window light

After figuring out the mirror’s basic dimensions, try to consider how it is working in your room. In case your window is facing the north, you might want a large window which will be able to catch and also reflect a good amount of light. You should also consider how the glare of a window which is facing the west will be striking the mirror. It is quite sensible to take into consideration how the light is entering the room by means of a window and also how it will be influenced by the mirror.

Visualize the frame

The last step for deciding on the new bathroom mirror will be to mimic its shape and size on the wall. Cardboard, painter’s tape, newspaper, or poster board will be able to provide you with a solid idea of how the product will be appearing in the long run. It will be advisable for you to make experiments with various shapes and sizes out there. As compared to the conventional rectangular mirrors, the round, vertically egg-shaped, or horizontally oval designs can add personalization to your toilet. The arched tops are in huge demand at present along with the dual small mirrors as compared to one single large mirror. You can make use of stone, tile, or wood for framing the mirror as per the design style you’d like to achieve.


You are the individual who is aware of what you actually require and what you prefer in your toilet. In case you know precisely what you want, then do not hesitate to proceed. However, always take the advice of any expert professional out there.

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5 Easy Ways to Find Locksmith near Me

If you are accidentally locked out of your car, home or business then things can change considerably if you have a locksmith near me. He can help you in getting back to your routine by using his skill and tools. Along with emergency services locksmiths can provide several other types of services like repair, replace, and install locks in your business, home, or vehicle. If you need to have spare keys for any lock then a locksmith near me can also cut keys for you. Thus by providing locks for the doors and windows of your car, office, and home a reliable locksmith near me can ensure the security of your property.

But to avail of the benefits of all these services, it is important to find a reliable locksmith near me. Some tips are briefly discussed here under to help you in this regard. You should use these tips carefully.

Search for a local locksmith: It is good to find a locksmith near me before you face an emergency like locked out of your home or car etc. To find the best locksmith nearby you, it is necessary to spend some time to research in this regard. On the basis of your research, you can choose a locksmith and save his contact details in the phonebook of your phone so that you can instantly call on him whenever required.

Go for a licensed locksmith: The locksmith you choose must be licensed properly to provide locksmith services in your area. In this way, you can avoid being the prey of dishonest peoples and scammers.

The address of the locksmith should be local: The locksmith you choose near me should have a local address so that you can easily approach him personally whenever required. He must have a permanent office in your area. It can reduce the risk of being deceived by some scammer.

Check ID every time: Though you have hired a locksmith near me still it is important to check his ID whenever you cal on him. Along with his ID, you should also check the vehicle he is using, whether it has the logo of the locksmith company or not as mostly established locksmith companies print their logo on the vehicles of their professionals. It will help in ensuring the legitimacy of the locksmith.

Your locksmith should give a written estimate: After reviewing the situation, the OKC locksmith you have hired should provide you an estimate in writing on the letterhead of the company. All the things to be done at your premise should be mentioned in the estimate. It will help in avoiding overcharges later on.

Thus by following the tips discussed in this write-up you can easily find a trustworthy locksmith near me. You should find one in advance so that you need not waste time at the time of emergency. If you have contact details of a trusted locksmith near me then it will allow you to contact him as soon as you need his services.

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How to Keep Your Attic Cooler During the Summer

With the summer season coming up, if you are wondering how to keep your attic cooler during this season, then keep on reading.

1- Ensure Proper Indoor Circulation

The most integral step in keeping your attic cool is to ensure that your windows and air circulation occur naturally. In case there is no proper ventilation or circulation then the attic would be damp or musty with improper temperature. Simple methods such as using fans or installing windows where the wind comes in can make a huge difference to the indoor temperature naturally.

Indoor Circulation

2- R-19 Insulation System

For rooms such as attic in the house, a recommended system for cooling is installing specific systems. This means R-19 insulation ensures proper temperature control in the attic. This system also prevents the heat from transferring to other rooms in the house. Thus, this insulation system is effective for attics as well at the entire house cooling.

3- Attic Fans

Attic fans can be installed in your home to push the hot air out of the attic. Since this system directly targets the air, it is instantly effective. A useful feature is that the fans can be connected with the central thermostat in your home. This allows the fans to be switched on or off depending on the temperature of the thermostat. Balancing of temperature in the attic is ensured through attic fans.

Attic Fans

Thus, these were some of the most effective ways to keep your attic cooler during the summer season. Now you can enjoy comfort and relaxation at your own home without being troubled by extreme heat. Moreover, you can store your things in the attic without worrying about those products being destroyed by heat.

If you want to install any of this cooling system in your house contact our Mechanical Contractors in Florida.

5 Reasons to Choose Vinyl Sidings

If you are proud to be the owner of a home then you need to make it functional, comfortable, and attractive not only from inside but from outside also. According to expert realtors, you can improve the worth of your property by improving its overall looks. The siding of the home can play a great role in changing the looks of your house. However, you can make the exterior of your house look more attractive in a very inexpensive way by choosing sidings made of vinyl.

However, there must be some valid reasons to choose vinyl sidings in OKC for the exterior of your home. Many people choose siding made of vinyl due to various reasons. It can be the durability and sturdiness of vinyl, a variety of colors and designs, and versatility of use as well as its energy efficiency.

The information provided in this write-up about the benefits of vinyl sidings while using it on the exterior of your house can help in convincing you more effectively.

Durability: According to home improvement experts, vinyl siding can improve the exterior looks of your house for a long time due to its insect-resistant, water-resistant, indestructible surface and fade resistant features. In this way, you can use vinyl sidings for several decades as compared to the sidings made of wood and other popular siding materials.

Variety of colors and styles to choose: Though vinyl sidings are used to decorate exteriors for long still the vinyl sidings available today are very different from the traditional vinyl sidings. Today, you can find sidings made of vinyl in various styles, sizes, and colors to choose from as per your preferences. You can replicate the looks of costly siding materials like cedar etc. by choosing vinyl siding with similar looks.

Remodel the home inexpensively: By using vinyl sidings you can reduce the cost of remodeling your entire home by more than 30%. Moreover, you can use sidings made of vinyl to improve the looks of the exterior of an old house as well as newly constructed buildings affordably. It can replicate the looks of various types of high-priced siding materials within your budget. By using vinyl sidings you can give a modern look to the exterior of your centuries-old home.

Resist extreme weather conditions: Another most important reason to opt for vinyl sidings to improve the looks of your house is its resistance to extreme climatic conditions unlike other siding materials including wood etc. Especially in coastal areas, paint as well as the siding materials like wood, etc. on the exteriors of the buildings gets destroyed due to the quality of air in those regions.

Low maintenance cost: The use of vinyl sidings will not only improve the exterior looks of your home but also reduce the maintenance cost of the entire home due to the water, fade, and insect resistant features of vinyl. It neither traps moisture like wood nor it damages quickly with the impact of strong winds due to their strong and durable construction and loose installation to allow air to move around it.

Thus, you should choose the vinyl sidings for the 5 reasons discussed in this write-up.

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Best Applications for Metal Roofing

Why is metal roofing seemingly everywhere you look? What are the benefits of the material? Today, we’re going to answer both of these questions by assessing the benefits of metal roofing and then the many applications these roofs have in the modern world!

metal roof

Benefits of Metal Roofing

Firstly, metal is the most durable material when it comes to roofing. In fact, the majority of homeowners and business owners choose metal because they know they’ll never have to replace it for as long as they live. When installed properly, metal roofing will cope with mold, mildew, strong winds, rain, snow, rodents, and all sorts of other problems. Of course, it’s also Class-A fire rated which means it’s resistant to fire too.

As more and more people factor in the environment when making purchasing decisions, we’re starting to see a growing interest in metal. These days, most products in the market are made from recycled metal. If not, you can be happy in the knowledge that it’s recyclable at the other end for whoever chooses to replace it.

For many, money will be the deciding factor when choosing a roof material and metal wins again. Although they’re more expensive initially, they have the potential to last for 60 years. Therefore, it can actually outlive three different asphalt shingle roofs. Why go through the hassle of replacing other materials when you can invest a little more and forget about it forever?

Furthermore, the maintenance required with metal is very small. Ultimately, all you need to do is keep an eye out for debris and clean every so often after finding dirt and stains. If you have a concealed fastener roof, maintenance is even easier.

As an added bonus, manufacturers also seem to offer extensive warranties with metal roofing. While a paint warranty will cover paint wear and tear applied to the metal substrate, a weathertight warranty will help you with any leaks that occur.

Applications for Metal Roofing 

As promised, the second half of this guide will be on the many applications of this material for roofing.

Residential Buildings

In terms of residential buildings, more homeowners are starting to recognize the value of metal roofing and this has led to their installation on all sorts of buildings. You might think your roof isn’t big enough, but this isn’t true at all. Considering metal roofing will fit onto a tiny mailbox, you can be confident it will work on your home.

Elsewhere, some people use metal as an awning accent. Before anything else, we recommend having a conversation with the manufacturer because having two metals that degrade one another is potentially costly.

Commercial Buildings

On the other side of things, we’re seeing metal roofing on a whole manner of commercial buildings. For all the reasons listed previously, you might find metal roofing on a hotel, store, restaurant, hospital, church, school, university, government building, or even a military building.

For businesses, they need to know they will get a good return on their investment, and metal roofing provides this peace of mind. Once installed properly, they know that the roofing will outlive every employee inside the building.

Other Buildings

Aside from residential and commercial uses, you might also see metal roofing on agricultural buildings (including barns), architectural projects, and on various other structures.

As you can see, it has a vast array of applications. Another reason for this is because there’s a choice between stainless steel, copper, zinc, galvalume coated steel, aluminum, and galvanized steel. With each offering benefits and drawbacks, it allows the property owner to match the roof to their needs!

55 Awesome Kids House Bed Frames to Buy

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House beds are such a fun way to dress up your child’s room. We want to share with you all of our favorite kids house bed frames to buy and a couple to build. Looking for more ideas for your child’s bedroom? Try these cute shared bedroom ideas, bedrooms for boys, and bedrooms for girls. […]

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Forget Pink! 15 Printable Love Wall Art Ideas for Valentine’s Day and Year Round

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Decorate for Valentine’s Day and every day with our favorite printable love wall art ideas, including personalized name art and custom date art.  Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and instead of going all out lovey-dovey pink and red, I really like decor that is non-traditional Valentine’s Day. A printable love wall art idea […]

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Replacing Single Pane Windows With Energy Efficient Windows

Energy Efficient Window Replacement 

window replacement okcMany upgrades can be made to a home throughout the year, but not many can increase the value of your home and provide comfort like energy-efficient windows. Typically you have an option to either repair or replace your windows. Depending on the circumstances, both are an option. If you can afford to replace single-pane windows with double-pane, you can improve the energy efficiency of your home. 

Dual Pane Windows

The dual pane windows that can replace old single-pane windows have value beyond energy efficiency. The safety of your home and belongings are even more critical to the interior temperature, which is why having upgraded windows in your home is something to consider. States that experience frigid winters should highly consider these energy-efficient upgrades. Keeping heating bills down should be a priority for any homeowner. 

Window Replacement Options

There are many options when considering window replacement. Size, frame color, glass style, and quality of the window and frame are essential things to consider when replacing windows. You may also find that you want a window installed in a part of the home that doesn’t currently have a cutout, this is why you should contact a window installation contractor before making any heartfelt commitments on replacement windows. There may be some affordable options for you to consider before replacing your existing windows. Knowing what questions to ask, how much they cost, and how long the replacement process takes are all things you will need to know before proceeding. 

Storm Proof Window Systems

Plenty of coastal cities get hit with massive storms each year, hurricanes tear through the coastline and destroy homes and lives no matter how well they are built. Stormproof windows can be installed to help protect against hail and other smaller objects, but nothing will stop Mother Nature when she decides it’s time to storm through your neighborhood. A place like Oklahoma is notorious for tornadoes and hail storms that leave windows and rooftops damaged. Having dual-pane, storm proof windows can help protect against some of these elements. The heavy rains, winds, and hail in Oklahoma are enough to shatter single pane window systems. Finding quality window replacement options for your home before disaster strikes are highly suggested. 

Which Windows To Replace First

broken window from Oklahoma hail stormThis is a great question, and one only you can your window contractor can answer. Although we may not be there to see your home, we do have some recommendations for you. First, consider replacing any window that is in a room where your children stay. This is beneficial for temperature control, but also for safety reasons. Another thing to consider is replacing any window that is near a large tree or wooded area where debris could break loose from a tree and crash through a window. Single pane windows will shatter immediately, but a dual-pane window might withstand damage to the interior pane. 

Replacing One At A Time 

Remember, you don’t need to replace every window in the house right away, you can replace one window at a time if needed. Windows are not cheap, so consider the best brand of window replacement for you, and make the purchase when you are ready. Finding a window replacement/repair contractor to help you identify which window is right for you will save you time and money in the long run. Do your research, contact a professional, and then take your time with the upgrades if needed. If you can replace all the windows at one time, then congratulations, you are better off than I am.