How to Choose the Perfect Size Mirrors for Your Bathroom

As a homeowner, we often tend to overlook the size of the bathroom mirror in spite of it having a significant impact on the space. It does not matter whether you’d like to go for one single large mirror or a couple of smaller mirrors, there are lots of factors to take into consideration while selecting the appropriate mirror size for the toilet. In the following paragraphs, we will mention some important guidelines on how to choose the perfect size mirror in OKC.

The vanity must be matched for length

Measuring the vanity’s length is going to be the initial step while figuring out the design of your new mirror. Generally speaking, the mirror’s length is going to match that of the vanity. At times, you might make the decision of using a shorter mirror which is centrally positioned on the sink. You will rarely like to have the mirror become longer as compared to the vanity given that it is going to provide an uncomfortable and bulky appearance to your space.

Figure out the height

A standard for the height of the mirror depends on the lighting style on top of the vanity and whether you’d like the mirror to get right up to the fixture or leave some wall space to be visible in between the light and the mirror. In case it is possible, take a peek at the toilets of your friends to get some idea regarding what type of styles do impress you which you’d like to apply to your own residence prior to deciding on your own.

Adjust for window light

After figuring out the mirror’s basic dimensions, try to consider how it is working in your room. In case your window is facing the north, you might want a large window which will be able to catch and also reflect a good amount of light. You should also consider how the glare of a window which is facing the west will be striking the mirror. It is quite sensible to take into consideration how the light is entering the room by means of a window and also how it will be influenced by the mirror.

Visualize the frame

The last step for deciding on the new bathroom mirror will be to mimic its shape and size on the wall. Cardboard, painter’s tape, newspaper, or poster board will be able to provide you with a solid idea of how the product will be appearing in the long run. It will be advisable for you to make experiments with various shapes and sizes out there. As compared to the conventional rectangular mirrors, the round, vertically egg-shaped, or horizontally oval designs can add personalization to your toilet. The arched tops are in huge demand at present along with the dual small mirrors as compared to one single large mirror. You can make use of stone, tile, or wood for framing the mirror as per the design style you’d like to achieve.


You are the individual who is aware of what you actually require and what you prefer in your toilet. In case you know precisely what you want, then do not hesitate to proceed. However, always take the advice of any expert professional out there.

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