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Superior remodeling about us

Superioremodeling.com is written by an interior designer, with occasional posts from her partner. They are currently working on their sixth project house. The blog’s motto is “reduce, reuse, recycle, re-purpose, remodel” and features projects that work to do just that. DIY project posts are illustrated with detailed photos, videos and instructions. They include inside projects such as remodeling a master bedroom, as well as some unique outdoor improvements like building a chicken coop.

 provides a real-life look at projects, detailing how long a project took, how it impacted the family, why certain decisions were made (like hiring a professional instead of doing a project completely DIY) and how she feels about the results.

Her blog focuses on decorating on a budget, touching on everything from paint and color to storage and organization. You can find posts on a broad range of subjects, including tutorials on painting everything from doors to headboards.