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5 Pests That Can Destroy Your Home

5 Destructive Pests That Can Destroy Your Home

When remodeling your home you may find some unpleasant pests resting in your walls, attic, floors, or crawl spaces. It is not uncommon for homeowners to live years in their home and never notice that they are lying among nests of insects, rodents, or wild animals. Older homes that aren’t sealed properly will become vulnerable to intruders looking to shelter themselves from the outside elements during summer and winter months. Many of these pests will take up permanent residence if their invasion goes unnoticed. It’s really the last thing you want to come across when you’re tearing down a wall for a remodel as if you need another setback or expense right? Here are our Top 5 nastiest intruders that you can come across in your home. This list is mostly based on the damage they can cause.


termite control

This is the worst pest problem of all! While rodents can be gross, and annoying, they don’t destroy the structure of your home. The problem with termites is also the fact that they go completely unnoticed behind the walls of your home as they eat through the wood foundation of your home. At least you can hear mice in the walls, raccoons in the attic, and can see roaches crawling on the floors. Termites are next to impossible to notice unless they leave an obvious sign in the trees surrounding the property, the wood trim, or any other part of the structure that is wood. There are some preventative measures you can take before your remodel begins to see if you have termites. This will allow you to get it treated before you begin demolition. Find out if you have termites and create an action plan for termite treatment immediately.


opossum removal

Opossums are like giant rats. I lived in Washington State for most of my childhood and they were always climbing the fence line, eating the dog food, or dead in the road. I probably saw as many possums in my childhood as I did squirrels. If you have never seen one up close, then you don’t know how ugly and stinky they are. They reek! They have long rat tails that they use to climb around with and they smell like dirty wet socks. While these rodents may not damage your home like a termite, you definitely don’t want them nesting in your attic. Possum-like to get into the attics of homes and nest up in the insulation. They eat almost anything, pet food, garbage, and human scraps. They take dumps big enough to smell and urinate like a cat. Having something like this roaming loose in your attic is a recipe for disaster. In my opinion, the possum is only second to the skunk on the stink-o-meter. Check your local government websites about catch and release options for rodents in your state to determine if you should catch or kill


raccoons infesting home attic

Coons can be nasty little bandits when they take up residence on your land. Any momma with her young near won’t hesitate to give your dog or cat a tune-up. They shamelessly dig and rummage for food in trash bins, bird feeders, and pet bowls. If there are food sources near your home and then there is an easy entry to your attic area, you can almost guarantee that these rodents will invade the space and make shelter there. Raccoons may be more aggressive in winter months as they seek shelter, if there is even the slightest opening, a pregnant momma will know and tear her way in to find a place to birth her young. Coons nesting in the attic can be dangerous to the homeowner or anyone trying to access the area, they can tear up your insulation, chew through electrical wiring, storage boxes, and contaminate the area with urine and fecal matter.


bee colony nested in home

Most homes that get infested with bee colonies at least show signs of the problem. Homeowners will hear the buzzing of bees in the wall, they will see them on occasion indoors and outdoors, and eventually, you will see where they are entering the home as they come and go. Bees don’t cause the same kind of damage as termites do, but they can be destructive, and if you are allergic to bee stings then they can be dangerous. There have been bee infestations of the thousands that have nested in the ceiling of a home and created massive nests and honeycomb. The last thing you want to do during your remodeling efforts is take a sledgehammer to a wall that has a hive of 2k bees nesting behind it. If you are mid-remodel and find you have bees then by all means hire a bee exterminator. It’s always possible to relocate the hive if you would rather, I’m sure costs increase the more you handle the colony.


mud nests

Birds can be a nasty mess, anyone with a large tree in the front of their home knows the kind of mess birds can make on your home and property. If you have a large tree in your yard, or maybe ample patio covering, you may have noticed birds nesting in and around your home. Birds will also burrow into attics and other small openings they can squeeze into. Bird droppings are a disaster, they carry disease, and are very messy. The mess they make is equally as annoying as the non-stop chirping that happens, especially when there are nests with baby birds. There are many ways to keep birds away from your rooftop, finding creative ways to keep them away before they have a chance to nest is encouraged. 

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