Best Applications for Metal Roofing

Why is metal roofing seemingly everywhere you look? What are the benefits of the material? Today, we’re going to answer both of these questions by assessing the benefits of metal roofing and then the many applications these roofs have in the modern world!

metal roof

Benefits of Metal Roofing

Firstly, metal is the most durable material when it comes to roofing. In fact, the majority of homeowners and business owners choose metal because they know they’ll never have to replace it for as long as they live. When installed properly, metal roofing will cope with mold, mildew, strong winds, rain, snow, rodents, and all sorts of other problems. Of course, it’s also Class-A fire rated which means it’s resistant to fire too.

As more and more people factor in the environment when making purchasing decisions, we’re starting to see a growing interest in metal. These days, most products in the market are made from recycled metal. If not, you can be happy in the knowledge that it’s recyclable at the other end for whoever chooses to replace it.

For many, money will be the deciding factor when choosing a roof material and metal wins again. Although they’re more expensive initially, they have the potential to last for 60 years. Therefore, it can actually outlive three different asphalt shingle roofs. Why go through the hassle of replacing other materials when you can invest a little more and forget about it forever?

Furthermore, the maintenance required with metal is very small. Ultimately, all you need to do is keep an eye out for debris and clean every so often after finding dirt and stains. If you have a concealed fastener roof, maintenance is even easier.

As an added bonus, manufacturers also seem to offer extensive warranties with metal roofing. While a paint warranty will cover paint wear and tear applied to the metal substrate, a weathertight warranty will help you with any leaks that occur.

Applications for Metal Roofing 

As promised, the second half of this guide will be on the many applications of this material for roofing.

Residential Buildings

In terms of residential buildings, more homeowners are starting to recognize the value of metal roofing and this has led to their installation on all sorts of buildings. You might think your roof isn’t big enough, but this isn’t true at all. Considering metal roofing will fit onto a tiny mailbox, you can be confident it will work on your home.

Elsewhere, some people use metal as an awning accent. Before anything else, we recommend having a conversation with the manufacturer because having two metals that degrade one another is potentially costly.

Commercial Buildings

On the other side of things, we’re seeing metal roofing on a whole manner of commercial buildings. For all the reasons listed previously, you might find metal roofing on a hotel, store, restaurant, hospital, church, school, university, government building, or even a military building.

For businesses, they need to know they will get a good return on their investment, and metal roofing provides this peace of mind. Once installed properly, they know that the roofing will outlive every employee inside the building.

Other Buildings

Aside from residential and commercial uses, you might also see metal roofing on agricultural buildings (including barns), architectural projects, and on various other structures.

As you can see, it has a vast array of applications. Another reason for this is because there’s a choice between stainless steel, copper, zinc, galvalume coated steel, aluminum, and galvanized steel. With each offering benefits and drawbacks, it allows the property owner to match the roof to their needs!

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DIY Easy Wall Hanging Wood Shelf

Hello Remodelaholic readers! This is Ananda from A Piece of Rainbow, where I blog about creative home and garden DIY projects. Today we are going to build something super pretty, useful, and beginner friendly!

Ready? Here’s our easy DIY wall hanging wood shelf, which can be made in just one hour.

How to Make an Easy Wall Shelf

It is great for organizing any space in your home. In fact, I am going to show you two ways to use it!

Let get building!

DIY Wood Wall Hanging Shelf ApieceofRainbowblog

Materials and tools:

  • wood: (1) 2×6 , (1) 1×8, both at 24″ long. You can also adjust the length to fit your space.
  • knobs or hangers: I used 1.25″ diameter wooden knobs here.
  • (2) keyhole hangers, 1.5″ pocket hole screws
  • pocket hole jig, drill
  • optional: paint or stain with your choice of colors

DIY Wood Wall Hanging Shelf ApieceofRainbowblog (7)

Step 1:

If you need to cut the wood to length, sand all cut edges first.

DIY Wood Wall Hanging Shelf ApieceofRainbowblog (3)

Drill 2 pocket holes into the 2×6, space them at about 18″ apart.

Step 2:

Mark the locations of the 3 knobs. Ours are equally spaced at 9″ apart. Drill 3 hole for the knob screws to go through.

DIY Wood Wall Hanging Shelf ApieceofRainbowblog (4)

If the screws are too short, counter-sink the holes so the screws can reach through from the back, and past the front surface by about 1/2″ at least.

DIY Wood Wall Hanging Shelf ApieceofRainbowblog (8)

Step 3:

If you want to paint any wood pieces or knobs, right now is a good time to do it.

DIY Wood Wall Hanging Shelf ApieceofRainbowblog (2)

The 1×8 we have was from an old piece of shelving which was already painted white.

I decided to paint the knobs a mint color which looks really pretty against natural wood. It’s the same color I used in this DIY wood planter boxes tutorial below:

Wood Planter Boxes DIY Apieceofrainbow (10)

Attach two keyhole hangers to the 2×6 piece using 1/2″ screws, space them at 16″ to 18″ apart, centered on the 2×6.

This is the back side of the shelf.

DIY Wood Wall Hanging Shelf ApieceofRainbowblog (5)

Step 4:

Attach the 2×6 to the 1×8 using 1.5″ pocket hole screws.

DIY Wood Wall Hanging Shelf ApieceofRainbowblog (9)

Our shelf is almost complete! Just add the three knobs as shown below.

DIY Wood Wall Hanging Shelf ApieceofRainbowblog (6)

DIY Wood Wall Hanging Shelf ApieceofRainbowblog (10)

Really easy isn’t it?  To install the shelf on the wall, use dry wall screws or regular wood screws if screwing into studs. Space the screws the same distance as the hangers, check that they are level.

DIY Wood Wall Hanging Shelf ApieceofRainbowblog (12)

Line everything up and put the hangers over the screws. Now we can use our new shelf!

It would be great as a shelf by the entry or in a mudroom.

DIY Wood Wall Hanging Shelf ApieceofRainbowblog (14)

Here’s another use for our shelf:  as a bath room shelf!

DIY Wood Wall Hanging Shelf ApieceofRainbowblog (17)

Here’s another idea for the wood knobs: turn them into Anthropologie style designer knobs in 5 minutes! Tutorial here. Or create a whitewashed wood finish ( tutorial here) for your wood shelf.

5 Minute Designer Knobs Apieceofrainbow Blog (20)

Another helpful tip for your wall hanging shelf:

If it does not sit flush on the wall due to the thickness of the keyhole hangers, add a sticky felt pad ( those you use to protect wood floors from furniture legs scratch) like in photo below!

DIY Wood Wall Hanging Shelf ApieceofRainbowblog (11)

How would you use this shelf? Share with us on facebook and instagram, we would love to see it!

DIY Wood Wall Hanging Shelf ApieceofRainbowblog (18)

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